Friday, December 5, 2008

St Nikolaus Tag

Tomorrow it St Nikolaus Tag. It's a German tradition where, before children go to bed, they set out their boots in front of their bedroom door (originally it was in front of their house) and leave a paper within the opening of one of the boots with a list of what they'd like for Christmas.

In the morning when they awake, and if they've been good, they find nuts, an orange, maybe an apple, christmas chocolates, and a candy cane in place of their special list. If they've been bad, well, then they recieve a lump of coal. Fortunately, we haven't had any of that in our home yet.

All this was explained because, below you will see that Ethan is quite prepared for this event.

Apparantly, he derived such a list making idea from an article from the Friend magazine where a boy, earlier in the story, told about how his list was "as long as his arm". (Later on he is taught that giving is better than getting.)

We realized this when we heard Ethan say, "My list is longer than my arms!"

Hmmmmm. I think we've got some workin' to do.


Rochelle said...

That's funny! He let me know several times tonight that his list was VERY long:)

Joanna said...

I loved reading about St. Nikolaus day! That day extended my belief of Santa by at least a year and a half. When we lived in Germany, in elementary school, I had learned about the St. Nikolaus day in my "host nation" class about Germany and its culture. I had forgotten about the day, and accidentally left my shoes outside of our door. The next morning it was filled with chocolate and goodies! I didn't think my mom knew about the tradition at all, and to this day I still don't know how she knew about it- it was never mentioned or brought up by her. So, I was convinced it hadn't been my parents who filled my shoes. I was so excited. That is one of my favorite memories. It's a fun tradition.

Chris and Tara said...

That's a fun tradition. I love his list. Very creative. Ü

Shian said...

We read that story too. I was feeling like Gavin was getting a bit greedy this year. Reading that one story made a huge difference. He started thinking of things he could do for others secretly. It worked so well for him, I took it to primary and tried reading it to my class. I'm not sure if it had much effect. Oh well.

I just wanted to let you know, Annalissa and I are having a shower for Katja on Saturday, Jan 3rd. We will be sending invitations as well.

I hope you have a very special Christmas! I always wished St Nikolaus came to my house like he did to yours.

Marc and Rachael said...

I like this tradition--my family is German, we just might have to do this!!