Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Part II

(This entry is in reference to the comments posted to my last blog entry "Santmas or Christmas" ...)

It's neat that you (the Orgill's) have shared and still share such treasured memories. It sounds fun and uniting...I like the thoughts that have been shared. I'll have to think about this one for a while. :)

About gifts - Ya know, it's not the media that has influenced my thinking about gifts. It's finances...some friends of mine who have commented may understand:) So often there's so much stress involved in the holiday season when you don't know how to pay (not only for food, gas, and bills) and not only for special gifts you long to see brighten your own children's faces, but for a decent gift for all the other gifts you need to and want to tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth when it gets to be ... like one recent Christmas for us. It's impossible to understand unless one has been through it.

But, at the same time, there's so much we've learned by having gone through such a trying time (as we struggled with more than just finances) during such a special season. There's so much we learned as we observed what others were doing around us and as we strived to discover what it was we could learn through it all on the inside.

It's taught me that not only during Christmas time, but throughout life; meaning, purpose, service, and joy is found in people. It's taught me to be aware of and sensitive to others' situations. To give to others who are needing a little cheering, who are struggling, who, during a time such as Christmas, want to be able to give like everyone else around them. It taught me to stop and be aware of one another's personal or obvious battles and do what I can to lift ones spirit with a message of hope and helpful advice. It taught me to look to the Lord and lean on Him at all times, especially during the hardest and darkest of times.

I am so grateful to the Lord for it was He, and only He, who knew the extent of our suffering. It was He, and only He, who helped us through, pushed us through, lifted us through, the last season. Our family wouldn't be together if He didn't. Oh, how I love the Lord! He has the right to having most of my attention during His season. I am just so grateful to Him.

But, concerning gifts - I think planning ahead is a good thing. Which is, I'm happy to say, what I've been doing this year...most gifts are already purchased and although my gifts may not be as fancy or as expensive as the gifts that are given to one another or even that I'll recieve, they'll be gifts that come from the heart because they're gifts we enjoy and hope others enjoy as well. That is what true gift giving is all about during such a wonderful time.

The traditions the Orgill's have spoken about sound wonderful. Such a thing must be the authentic reason for the season, to find what brings true happiness and contentment to our soul, our families, and let it bloom and burst during the best season of the year.

Thanks for all your comments. I look forward, more than I did before, to the up coming season and to spending it with all of you. I've been able to find and clarify the happy medium for myself and have rooted further peace and joy because of it.

And to John - I love you so much. You are my gift this Christmas.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Santmas or Christmas?

This is a photo of me gazing at the mystifying Christmas tree, probably dreaming of what Santa thinks I deserve or wondering what I'll end up getting on the upcoming exciting day called Christmas. I might've been gazing at one of the German wooden Christmas ornaments and imagining them come to life as I so often did during those cozy Christmas seasons.

We never received many Christmas presents as a young child. It was always the anticipation of it all that created the wonderful memories and feel of the whole December event. It seems that Christmas gifts are overdone nowadays. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Things, things, and more things, is what Christmas ends up being about. True giving is wonderful! It brings a joy to one's heart. But, things seem so distorted now. It's frustrating to have to buy, yet another, gift for, yet another, gift swap.

We gave our children 3 gifts each for our own family Christmas last year. But, after going to both grandma's houses the total of those gifts increased by about 10 toys / presents each. No, I'm not exaggerating. They didn't even know who's presents were whose. . . that's how much they appreciated what they got.

Oh, how I long for a time where one present per each child (totaling 3 presents after the visits with the grandparents) are the extent of Christmas gifts. I think there's something truly wonderful in being able to value what we get instead of tossing one present aside after another anxious to open the next present from the pile of presents lying in front of oneself.

Where's the true giving and receiving in it all?

In an effort to keep that beautiful Christmas spirit, this year, we have decided to get the kids one gift to share (this year it'll be a puppet theater with puppets) and a book for each one of them. And we'll be asking grandparents to keep the gifts at least down to 2 gifts per child... hopefully this will help. Of course, there are other things as well. Such as focusing on Christ...

Does anyone else ever feel that it is so odd how this make-believe Santa Claus figure (even thought he is such a jolly and fun person to think about) is such a strange thing to focus on when, of all things, of all people, it is Christ who should be receiving the attention? Isn't He worthy of ALL of our attention during such a wonderful season? Santa brings such a pleasant feeling to Christmas but I often wonder what we're missing out on if we solely focused on Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem, the beautiful birth of Jesus Christ, the wise men's story as they followed the star to worship this new sweet born babe instead.
Santa becomes such a wonderful figure children think about during the Christmas season. He becomes real to them. What if the yearly experience these precious little children have was about Christ instead? It seems absolutely beautiful to me.

...I just don't get it sometimes. Maybe we should pretend that it's Jesus in the sleigh whipping those reindeer, landing on our roof, and coming down our chimney... hey, at least we'll be focusing more on the REAL thing! I love imaginary things but it doesn't seem in order to be believing in something imaginary which takes focus away from the most important birthday ever!

Hey, Easter bunnies are great, cute, quick, and cuddly. But once again a strange and foreign creature comes and steals away attention from something so wonderful and real... Jesus Christ, coincidentally enough, yet again. I can imagine a great council taking place in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus at the head of the meeting just shaking their heads at us little people on this earth as they say, "First a man who flies in a sleigh, now a mutant Easter bunny! What'll these people think of next?"
So, what it comes down to is 3 changes (for us):
1) Focus more on Christ. Maybe by reading many written stories of Christ's birth or by acting out plays of the same story. We can read all versions of his birth in the scriptures during Christmas season.
2) Less presents
3)Carry out our own wonderful holiday traditions. (Like I said it was the anticipation of it all which kept our spirits high and happy. Our home often smelt of lovely and delicious german pastries my mom would carefully bake. And she had such a wonderful touch with decorating our home which kept the excitement of the coming Christmas day high as well.) .

What are your thoughts for this up-coming season? What are you and your family doing to keep the focus on Christmas?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Anti Plague Formula

I'm making Dr. Christopher's anti-plague formula in two weeks and am only making it this one time. (It's a big process and I'm making a big batch not only for my family but my brothers and sisters families). I'm recieving help from a Master herbalist named Charlene who has been making this formula for over 10 years.

I feel so grateful for knowing about this formula and so I have to share it with those I know and am offering to make extra for those who want to purchase some.

If you'd like some please place your "order" through e-mail (I'm keeping a gallon of it for me and my family in our food storage.) The formula takes about 1 week to prepare and make - so it'll be ready in about 3-4 weeks. I'll only take orders seriously if they have been paid for within 2 weeks...lets say by November 1st.

It'll be $40 for one quart (4 cups).

It's $15 for only 2oz in stores! So at this price it's only $1.25 per ounce and its fresh! It can store for years in the freezer and is good for about a year in the fridge.

Here's a little about it:

"This is the best remedy for colds, flu or any communicable disease (especially bacteriological). It strengthens and stimulates your immune system and should be used as a tonic and preventative at the dosage of one tablespoon of syrup per day. If infected, increase to one tablespoon per hour."

"The anti-plague formula is built around garlic, which is well known as a natural anti-biotic. It destroys the unnecessary and harmful bacteria throughout the body. Garlic contains a very high amount of sulphur, one of the best minerals used as an oxygen carrier. Oxygen is the breath of life and sulphur will carry the oxygen in the body directly to the infected area. Germs cannot live in a good supply of oxygen, therefore, the infection is cleared quickly. This is an organic wonder, so garlic may be termed a wonder herb.

In addition, apple cider vinegar acts as disinfectant. The ingredients found in black walnut act as herbal destroyers of fungus. Marshmallow is the enemy of gangrene and peritonitis. It is a softening emollient that will aid in removal of the inorganic deposits broken up by the solvent gravel root. Wormwood relieves pain and kills pinworms and other unwanted parasites, etc. Mullein works on the bronchial track. Oak bark tones and firms the cells in the muscles, cartilage, and flesh. It is also an aid in rebuilding the circulatory system and feeding it. Scullap is one of the finest nerve repairing and rebuilding aids. It works especially well on the proliferant that causes the good cells to multiply rapidly and push out the waste and dead-cell structure, being supplied with the wonderful allantoin. Lobelia is the great catalyst to combine the herbal entities to a smoothly operating whole." Dr Christopher

All herbs mentioned above, plus the apple cider vinegar, garlic and honey make up the ingredients of this wonderful concoction. All herbs will be ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs and all other ingredients will be organic or U.S.P. grade.

* * *
Enjoy getting your food storage together! Hard times may be ahead, but, I feel they will be happy times as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being Prepared

It's obvious that we are spiraling down into an economic crisis. Who knows, maybe things will get better. I don't like the "doom and gloom" talk or feel and don't intend to create that in this blog. But I did want to list some things I have (or will soon have) in our food storage that makes me feel a little more comfortable with the way things are going.

#1 Is an "anti-plague" formula. The link doesn't give too much information. Here's another one. I've just heard (mainly from Robyn Openshaw and the people she has influenced) that this is amazing stuff. There's a lady in American Fork that makes some and sells it but she's usually always backed up for a month or more, it can also be purchased in herbal stores. And it stores for years (atleast the one the lady makes does - I don't know how long the store bought ones last.)

I've purchased the recipe and directions for making it and have contacted the woman above who will help me make it and so am thinking about making a batch myself. If anyone is interested in buying any from me please let me know. I'm guessing it'll be about $20-$30 for a good sized bottle of it.

#2 Wheat. (of course!) Not only for making bread but for growing as sprouts.

#3 Frozen fruits, greens, grape juice, and (soon) chopped up garlic. Now we just need to get a generator.

#4 Green drink powder - I really want to know that I have things on hand that can keep my family healthy when (or if) things fail.

#5 Water. Lots of it. I still need to get more.

#6 Cloth diapers

#7 Formula (I never know how little milk I'll be making when I have a baby)

#8 My bulk storage: rice, beans, salt, oatmeal, popcorn, and my wheat

#9 Seeds. So we can grow our own produce during the appropriate months.

#10 Hand Warmers. I love the idea of having these during the cold winter months. Especially if there is no heat. Wal-Mart sells them. I feel that one can't have enough of these. I'd like to hear other ideas as to how to stay warm during the cold months.

#11 Cream of Wheat and Cracked Wheat. They make a good filling breakfast. And a little goes such a long way. And all it requires to make it edible is water (and a bit of sugar or honey go on top.)

Extras. A few extras I like having are: Crayons and paper, (I hate to think of a child during a time of economic failure {or something like that} that isn't able to color) cake mixes, (a birthday cake for a birthday seems like an extra treat during hard times) and Chocolate Milk mix - the "just add water" kind. (I imagine warm, sweet, creamy chocolate milk in a child's mouth giving the comfort to him or her that all will be well again.)

I listed much more than I thought I would but, when I think about it, there's quite a bit to get together and have. Other things that are important are having a stash of small bills handy and some gasoline.

What things have any of you stored which make you feel at ease if disaster strikes?

Love to you all.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The 5 Love Languages!

We had an interesting (but good) lesson in church last Sunday. It was about the 5 love languages. This discovery by Gary Chapman says that we have different love languages. The languages being: Quality Time, Recieving Gifts, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Words of Affirmation. I was a little concerned at first as to whether or not this lesson would include the teachings of Christ in it but, I'll admit, once the teacher wrapped up the lesson it was pretty well balanced and it ended on a strong spiritual note.

Her handouts were 2 tests we can take. One for the husband and one for the wife. John and I took these tests and our guesses as to what the other persons love language is was right. It was a good reminder though.

The eye opener for me was when I asked Tyra and Ethan the questions to this test. (The words obviously had to be changed and simplified). The outcome was a huge eye opener for me in that after I discovered what their love language was so many things clicked in place. (Oh, so that's why you always do this or ask for that?)
And I especially enjoyed when, after discovering the result, I would ask them so you like it when mommy and daddy do this or that don't you? And both Ty and Ethan genuinely and sincerely looked me in the eyes and said, "yes." and then yearned for some of their love language after we had talked about it.

It's made a difference in our home. How so? Because if one of the kids are getting cranky or really acting up I just figure that more than likely they're lacking the kind of love that they can interpret as love. So we clearly and easily know OK this person is needing this type of love. We give it and it works miracles. It's really been a blessing in our lives. And made things even happier and healthier in our home.
It's interesting how we all hunger for love. And interesting also, is that we hunger for it in different ways from others.
Here's a link to one of the quizzes. Like I said, just simplify what it's asking, for the kids. (I always began with - "would you rather...") They'll know which one they like more and the outcome may be surprising!

And see directions as to how to interpret the outcome here.

Hope this helps to bring a little more love into your lives!