Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It would have been nice to receive that phone call, my sister and I both urged our parents to make, letting us know our daughter's made it safely to their destination....even if it is 2am.

I awoke at 2am thinking, "they should be calling shortly." At about 2:30 I began to worriedly drift off to sleep. I awoke on the hour at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and didn't get much sleep after that. "Why hadn't they called?" I saw visions of a plane plummeting into the dark ocean, I saw Tyra homesick and wanting to call me, but, for whatever reason couldn't, and I saw my parents comfortably talking away (and laughing) with family while I lie in my bed wondering if my daughter still lives...

I called my dad's shop at 8:30 and asked my sister, who answered the phone, if she'd heard from my parents. She had in fact and everything was "just fine." Well, suffice it to say, it wasn't "just fine" in my book! Apparently Tyra and her cousin Alyssa completely conked out after the plane ride and are in a deep sleep. . . that doesn't mean my parents couldn't call though and at least let us worried mother's know that all is well!

I was ready to give them a lecture...until I found out that the reason my sister had talked to them so early this morning is to let them know that "someone" had crashed my mom's car this morning.

Well, maybe that wouldn't have happened if they would have been faithful to their duties and called me last night. :)

I think I'll spare them the lecture.

(Call me ... pathetic, but I left Tyra's breakfast plates, just the way she left it before she left, all day yesterday.)

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Emily said...

You are not pathetic, I probably would have left the dishes too. I miss my kids so much when they are only gone for a few hours, let alone days! I hope that she is having a great time. I'm excited for our party this weekend!!