Monday, December 1, 2008

Glenn Beck Article, Tyra Leaves

As I traveled to one of Glenn Beck's speeches, 6 months or so ago, saying, "Glenn who?", I was hesitant about going and, fighting through traffic, I heavily considered turning around and going back home. But the experience I had by being there, the feeling that was there, the words that were spoken, the songs that were sung, and the spirit that was there made it an experience I'll always remember. It was an awakening.

Although Glenn has his own talk show on the radio I tend to only read his talks every now and then. I decided I'm going to start sharing the one's that I feel necessary to share with others through this blog.

So, here's one I feel all should read.

This isn't going to be a place to argue whether we believe him or not. One can believe whatever they want to and choose to be offended or not. . . so, take it for what it's worth.

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