Saturday, April 19, 2008



What kind of a mother would dare damage her sons eye?
One who is willing to playfully throw a large woodchip at her child's head.

Eth and I were playing together chucking woodchips from the front yards' landscaping when I tossed the largest wood chip that had yet be thrown and watched the whole process of it as it went elegantly gliding through the air, jutting squarley into Ethan's eye.

It cut the skin a bit on the eyelid and on his eyeball. The scarey part was when his pupil wasn't dilating. It must have been from the shock of the hit because eventually it began to work again.

Poor fellow.

That same day he fell down onto the rocky dirt in our backyard
as he chased a dog. He had a hard day. But we were able to cheer him up with some home made cookie dough.

Taking it easy....that's what Cedric and Millie were doing in the wagon together.

Warm days are SO wonderful!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Blog

I have a new blog at

This blog may very likely be put on the back burner. But now and then I may tap in with some thoughts.

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Our home has been a torture chamber for the last week and a half. We've had the flu and it has been terrible! John, Ethan, Tyra and Cedric all got it at the same time, tuesday of last week to be exact, and they're still recovering. It starts with tummy aches then progresses to fevers, chills, body aches and a after a few days, when you think you're getting better, another wave of suffering hits and there's fever, coughing, and a terrible cold to go with it.

Heavenly Father has blessed us though. I didn't get sick until that coming saturday. Who would've taken care of us if we were ALL sick at the same time? I wouldn't dare to have anyone come into our flu infested quarters. John has taken care of all of us the last 4 days now and he has done it in an amazing way. It wore on him at times - one can't blame him. But, he has been so great with keeping order in the house and tending to the needs of ill and recovering people.

People should put signs on their houses, the way they used to do it during scarlet fever epidemics, saying, "FLU. Run! RUUUUNNNN!" I'm into my fifth day now. And had a fever almost all night last night.

Millie has had a fever the last couple days now. We were trying SOOO hard to keep her away from the germs. I just worry about her getting the cough that has come with this virus. We've given her a blessing and are praying for her. I hope she'll be alright. . .

It's that time again - homeschool restructuring. I don't plan these events - they just come. Usually when I'm feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Why do I feel this way? Because I can tell that our way of homeschooling needs to step up a level - things tend to stagnate. Then I pray, plan, and revise how we're doing things. Some things stay the same. Otherwise, improvements are made and we move forward in a productively better way.

I always seem to fall in love with homeschooling and why we're doing it all over again during such times! I'll never pretend like it's an easy thing - it's not. But it's wonderful.