Thursday, January 1, 2009

Favorite Gift

One of my favorite gifts to give this year was my most recent oil painting. It was of my sister in laws three children. I used each child's favorite color to be their background color. All three were painted on a 12X24 canvas.

Madison's was my favorite. I love the expression on her face and I love the lighting on her face as well, not to mention, she has beautiful facial features.

I did this same type of portrait painting of my own children before I attempted this piece but, seeing as how it was my first portrait painting ever, and especially after having these work out much better, I think I'll dump my progress on that one and start over. I used too much brown in theirs.

I realized that children naturally have a lot of beautiful pink colors highlighting their's the adults which lack that pink luster.



julianne orth said...

This was also one of my favorite gifts of the year. very thoughtful. I just sit and stare at it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift from the heart.

Kirem said...

Beautiful Claudia! I love them. How precious!

Emily said...

I love it, Claud! You are a talented woman.

Sonja said...

I marvel at all your abilities! What a fantastic gift. One that I'm sure will be cherished throughout generations.

Amanda said...

That was a great gift, I think I even saw Justin tear up:) I need to take up a hobby, I am a horrible at anything to do with art, but I really want to learn. I might have to take a few tips from you!

Angela said...

These are such awesome gifts- and the colors are great!