Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good News!

This will be my blog's "good news minute".

1. I slept, pretty much without waking up, all the way until 5am this morning!

I normally wake up 5-10 times per night (for no reason at all) and often have a hard time going back to sleep so this is really good news for me. I can always tell if I've actually slept during the night (about once every 4-6 months) because I have energy during the day at don't hit my "zombie" time at noon where I have to lie down due to my absence of thinking abilities or emotional stability. :)

I've been sleeping better lately - which is so nice! (Keepin' it real) - My depression is pretty much completely gone thanks to St Johns Wort and a variety of other things. It feels so good to be alive again!

2. I purchased coconut oil
It smells wonderful and I can't wait to use it in place of all the other "bad" oils.


Emily said...

Hooray Claud!! That really is huge for you. I just told Jake this morning that I actually slept through the whole night and didn't wake up once until about 5:30 am.

I don't get up nearly as many times as you, but I know the zombie feeling you are talking about. I hate that feeling because I feel so tired and unmotivated. I'm glad that things are looking up for you!

homemommy22 said...

That's great news!

The virgin coconut oil is yummy. It makes so many things taste better. I even pop my popcorn in it. Oh, and thanks for the link to I love it too!