Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clarifying my "thought"

Just to explain something...the point of the "profound" thought I had that, I felt, came from the spirit wasn't to have cops start paying good drivers $50 (although that is a great idea!) but it was the idea of rewarding good behavior by recognizing it and praising it and applying that "cop thought" to parenting. :)

Oh, and "keepin' it real", I'll open up to something not to get a pity party but in hopes that it may help someone else. I've been fighting depression...(I tend to deal with it around this time of the year) but I've run across a book titled, "The Mood Cure" that has really helped me understand a lot of things with how our bodies work and what nutrients and minerals our brains and bodies need in order to be well's a small basic list:

1. Sleep (ha, ha, insomnia is something I've been struggling with for 6 years)
-Drink St Johns wort tea before going to bed
- Darken the house as the night begins (darkness produces melatonin which puts your body to sleep)
-Don't eat after 7pm - have a light snack if you need it
2. Omega 6's - can be taken by taking fish oil pills or integrate flax oil into you diet
3. Sun - no way around it we need sun
4. Exercise - no way around this one either
5. Cut out most sugars or addictive foods like chocolate...salsa is a good substitute to get the boost our bodies are craving
6. 5 HTP is great temporary intake to help your body naturally kick start your seratonin levels (if your body handles it well)
7. Eat health(ier) - I'm telling ya it's the way to go! (It's interesting that the mood cure coincides so well with what the "green smoothie girl" teaches).

Just keepin' it real :)

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Chris and Tara said...

Good job, Claudi. I'm so proud of. I really appreciate your positive, uplifting words. (How was that for noticing good behavior?) Truthfully, I do agree with you on trying to be positive. We'll see how well I do when I have kids :)