Monday, March 10, 2008

Five great things!

There are five fabulous things I've incorporated into my life that I want to scream out and share with all, instead of screaming, I'm sharing it through my blog. The five things are:

1. (as I mentioned in my last entry)
We've been making these green smoothie shakes every morning. Tyra asks for seconds. They're delicious and are a good first step to providing our bodies with the nutrients we need to stay wonderfully healthy and alive.

The site doesn't just talk about green smoothies but it explains why we should change the way we eat and it helps us know how to do it as well. And it all sounds (and is) so delicious! All of the info. provided is from a woman named Robyn (who lives in Pleasant Grove) and the research she's been doing for 15 years! She has a great 12 step program!

Oooh, and check out this info. about coconut oil from her site -

2. Square Foot Gardening
I never thought I'd be much of a gardener. It just wasn't "my thing" or I simply don't have a "green thumb". But this "SFG" thing - I can do! And so can anyone! I can't wait to have a garden this year and to have the kids pick our own fresh fruits, veggies, and greens ( for our green drinks). I'm letting the kids have a garden of their own and I can tell that this is going to be a blast! Here's a link to "SFG". You can buy a used book from the used books on the Barnes and Noble site for $5.88 (that includes shipping).

3. Kids Are Worth It!
This is a book I've been reading and I know that Heavenly Father lead me to its discovery. I borrowed it from a lady in the ward and almost gave it back several times because I simply wasn't getting to it but I finally picked it up and have been growing bit by bit as I read it.

It speaks of what kind of a family we may have come from (Brickwall, Jellyfish, or Backbone) and it helps us to be a "Backbone" family which is the ideal way to be. I love it and I can't say enough about it. If you're a flawless parent and your family runs perfectly, by all means, this book isn't for you but it's great for anyone else. ;) I figure that in order to fully comprehend and incorporate it's teachings into my life I'll need to read it once for every year I was raised in my extremely "brickwall" family... so I should end up reading this book 19 times.

If any of you ever read this book I'd like to know what kind of a family you came from and what changes you had to make to become better balanced. It's funny how the author says that a brickwall person and a jellyfish person attract one another...that's defninitley true in mine and John's relationship. But, I've realized how nice it is to have it that way - once we learn to work together!

4. America in Danger
This is another book I'd like to read. I have read excerpts from it and have read an article/interview from its LDS author... Sometimes I think we need a kick in the rear end to get us to "get our houses in order" like the leaders of the church have been telling us for years and years. The excerpts I read along with the article/interview did just that for me. Now I can't wait to read the full version. And I'm more than eager to get our food storage and supply completed!

5. Getting out of Debt
This year John and I have been making our plans on how to get out of debt and are about to have our year plan laid out. It's exciting to see the plans of debt elimination being laid out! Dave Ramsey is the "voice of financial wisdom" for many people and although I haven't thoroughly looked or read through his material (pat on the back for those of you who have) I felt even more motivated after reading his 7 steps. A couple of my friends and some family members have become his fans maybe you'll become a fan as well!

Good day to all!


joey said...

I think I'll check out that parenting book!

Kristen's Raw said...

I'm a huge fan of green smoothies, drink them pretty much daily and feel amazing!

I have the square foot gardening book but I have yet to crack it open. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend now ;)