Friday, March 14, 2008

Dentist Appointment Today

I had a dentist appointment today. I haven't been in since I was 7 months pregnant with Camilla. Does anyone remember that?!?!

Two interesting things happened that three (one I didn't know about until today). 1. When the dentist gave me the shot in my lower right nerve she made a "direct hit" to the nerve which instantly numbed my lower right side from the jaw to the lip but it hurt terribly bad! It felt like the ending point (under my right lip) exploded. I naturally went to grab that area and the nurses quick reflexes grabbed my hand and pulled it down. (It's embarrassing to think of what a problem I was for the dentist and assistant that day.)

What happened was just that - my nerves were damaged it took 7 months for the nerves under my lip to stop tingling and feeling numb! That IS how long it takes for nerves to heal.

Then, because she was working on my wisdom tooth she was lodging that foam block so far back in my mouth to open it as wide as possible. Now, I might add here, that sometimes when I yawn my jaw can stick open feeling like it's going to lock open, so I always quickly end the yawn and all is okay. Well, in the dentist chair that day, such wasn't the situation. She pulled the wedge out and you can only guess what happened. Just imagine me, sitting in the dentists chair with my mouth completely open without being able to close it. Just pretend for a's horrible!

The nurse tried to massage my jaw hoping that if it would relax it'd loosen up and go back. But it definitely didn't work. It took all the self control I could muster up not to go into a panic! Due to the discomfort of the situation I didn't notice the witness I had next to me. I suddenly hear someone next to me say, "That doesn't look comfortable." I simply (try) to say,"Ig ignt" and once again control the panic that is about to take over my being.

Fortunately my dentists office is in a medical building and someone went and grabbed some other doctor in the building who came in and gently grabbed my jaw with both hands, rocked it back, then forward to the point where my bottom teeth were in front of my front teeth and then, in the same swift motion, rocked it into its right place. I could have kissed him! I was so relieved!

Ever since then I've gained a new fear. Having my jaw lock open. What would I do if John is gone and I'm home alone with the kids and my jaw locked open? Will the kids understand the malformed words coming from my open mouth? I'd be quite the site to see (and remember) if I tried to go over to a neighbors house. Calling someone is out of the question. Do I drive myself, mouth wide open, swallowing near impossible, speaking unrecognizable, to an Instacare? Think about it (and Em stop laughing! - this is serious! :) )

Anyway, point being, I went to the dentist today and all went well. He let me move my jaw every few minutes throughout the hour and a half procedure. He let me keep my mouth open to where it was comfortable to me - even though it was more inconvenient to him. He had to shorten the drill bit so he could get it where he needed it. And he went easy on the shot - even though, once again it went directly to a main nerve - this time one that led to my tongue but right when I naturally reacted to it and he knew it happened again he didn't put in the rest of the numbing solution, which would've caused more damage, he drew the needle out. My tongue and inner gum area were already numb and didn't need anymore solution.

It was nice of them to be so kind. They all remember me in that office. I'd remember myself too if I worked there. A young little mother, 7 months pregnant, sitting in the dentist chair with her mouth stuck open. Yeah, that makes an easy memorable moment.

Oh, the other thing I found out happened that day was that the main dentist (the one who worked on me today) and the other dentist (who worked on me that dreadful day) had quite the argument and he actually hurt her feelings because she didn't want to work on someone who was pregnant and he didn't think it would be a problem.

I don't think she'll be working on a pregnant woman again!


Emily said...

I can't stop laughing, I'm sorry Claud!! I really am laughing so hard because I remember you telling me this story at Kaleb's wedding reception and we couldn't stop laughing.
I am glad that everything went smoothly this time. Ü

Chris and Tara said...

So I know I shouldn't laugh... but I was. And then I got the the -stop laughing Em, this is serious- part and cracked up. I had to muffle myself since it's kind of late but it was really funny. I AM sorry that you had such a traumatic experience last time though. That would freak me out. I'm also glad they were more accomodating this time. I really need to go to the dentist. It's been over 8 years. Yikes!