Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Official!!!

Tyra is going to Germany in a couple weeks!!!
My dad has been trying to talk me into letting her go with him for years...but, I felt she was way too young and wouldn't enjoy herself much.

Well, he and my mom are going in a couple weeks and he was, once again, trying his persuasive speech on me and probably felt much like a child about to open his biggest present ever when I told him she was probably ready now.

Not only is my dad taking Tyra but he's taking her cousin Alyssa! They are going to have sooo much fun! They'll get to ride in the plane, surprise their Old Oma they love so much, and be able to take in (as much as a 7 year old can take in) the different culture of Germany and go to Seiffen!!! Oh, how I envy her.
Seiffen is a little village filled with Christmas lights, smells, and, most wonderfully, German Christmas ornaments and decorations. It's heart warming!!! I bet she'll love it.

***I haven't been talking to John much....(he's in Brazil :) )
So, sorry if this is how you find out that it's a for sure thing before we get to talk, John! Talk to you tonight! (hee,hee)


John said...

Sure, your dad sneaks that in while I'm gone!

dlkenney said...

I am jealous...I love to travel and especially at Christmas time. It is fun to see other traditions. Have a great time Tyra!!!

Rochelle said...

Wow, how fun!!! I would be scared to death to send her... But she'll be in good hands:)

Joanna said...

Oh she will love it!! She will get to go see a Kristkindlmarkt, a Christmas market. Those were my favorite. She will have such an adventure!

claudia said...

I woke up panicked last night worrying about: what if the plane crashes? what about the autoban? (CRAZY german drivers!), what if she chokes while eating? what if she gets sick? what if she's too cold? what if she's terribly home sick?

But...she's going. Not many grandkids get an opportunity like this. And it will be neat memories she'll have forever.

Brat said...

How exciting for her! You're one brave mom.

Jessica said...

You should convince my parents to go with! I would love to go to Germany someday and see where my family is from. I think my parents really need to go to Germany soon! How exciting, I am totally jealous! Long time no see by the way Claudia! Hopefully I will see you sometime soon! :)

Chris and Tara said...

That sounds like fun. I hope she has a great time and that you don't worry too much while she's gone. Ü

Mark and Sariah Thomas said...

TAG! Check out my blog ... you've been tagged!

By the way, that's really exciting she gets to go. Hopefully you can relax about letting her go.

Tif said...

Good for her. What a wonderful experience. I know she will cherish it forever!