Friday, November 28, 2008

8 Favorites

I've been tagged so here goes...

1.Post rules on blog
2. Answer the 6 "8" items.
3.Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite TV shows...I'll do books

1. Jane Eyre
2. Guide me to Eternity
3. The Hiding Place
4. 1776
5. 5000 Year Leap
6. Ida B.
7. The Count of Monte Cristo
8. Standing for something

8 Things I did yesterday...I'll list today's

1. Went to Utrecht art store-bought some supplies
2. Went with family to Tracy Aviary
3. Went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens (it was free today!)
4. Ate ice cream and fries at T.P.
5. Decorated our home for Christmas
6. Changed Tyra and Ethan's beds into bunk beds
7. Took a break as I posted this entry on my blog
8. will be...going to bed.

8 things I look forward to

1. Tyra coming home from Germany (no, she hasn't even left yet)
2. Christmas party with our friends
3. Christmas party with girls I grew up with
4. Being able to open our chocolate filled advent calendars
5. Christmas
6. John's Kung-fu test being over with
7. Christmas school break
8. TMJ being completely day.

8 favorite restaurants

1. Mimi's Cafe
2. Johnny Carino's
3. Olive Garden
4. "Deutchen Laden"
5. Vosen's
6. Flour Girls and Dough Boys
7. Papa Murphey's pizza....mmmmmm
8. The Roof

8 things on my wish list

1. Publish one (or all) of my children's books
2. Finish my Language Learning Books
3. Become a better painter
4. Better guitar skills
5. Serve more people - continually
6. More patience
7. A calm spirit
8. 100 percent understanding about life

8 people I tag....

anyone who wants to.


Rochelle said...

Are the gardens still open???

claudia said...

They were when we went. It was fun ... but a bit chilly. :)

Chris and Tara said...

I'm looking forward to our party, too. I love the Gardens at T.P. That's where Chris and I got engaged and got our pictures for our wedding announcements. Ü