Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shlep through Muck - Soar with Love.

Do any of you ever feel that you're having to wallow through the worlds muck or through personal muck? You see the good, know you want it, will have nothing but it, and yet, you're panting from the strain this muck is causing you as you try to trudge through it.

What is this muck? It's the worlds voices, it's indecency, it's misconstrued truths... it's satan. (with a lower case s.)

It's definition says it all: it's dark filth that is in a state of chaos, containing no value, that we trudge through, as we hear sullying remarks from satan and his followers, marring the purity and luster of our journey to truth and enlightenment. At least...that's how it can be sometimes.

But, thank goodness for the clear light of Love.

We are continually fighting through unseen muck. Every one of us. It's this muck that many of us get stained with as we trudge through it. Our weak spots, especially, often become stained with it's filth.

But, those weaknesses we've yielded to or bad habits we've taken upon us, aren't really who we are. It isn't who any of us are. We all have a genuine character. And every one of these genuine characters are good.

Next time we are hard on ourselves, or are hard on others, let's remember that we're all trudging through muck, our stains aren't who we really are.

And let's love one another instead.

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