Friday, November 9, 2007

My First Paintings

I become passionate about colors and textures around this time of the year and I want to paint! I've had this passionate desire to paint off and on for many years. But I've always put it off for a better time where we could afford classes and the expensive oil paint supplies.

We have a little book called, What Makes a Monet a Monet? I was looking through it today and was filled with passion as I looked at Monet's visible brush strokes on close-up views of his paintings. This passion I speak of makes me want to place a paint brush in my hand, surround myself with paints of every color, a canvas, an easel, a palette and objects that move me enough to make me want to paint them.

We still aren't able to afford classes or fancy oil paints yet. But, I made it work today anyhow. I grabbed a piece of regular white paper, an object I love, my acrylic paints, and one of Tyra's paint brushes and painted away. It was like scratching an itch. But much much better! The photos show my results. I don't care how much I may lack in painting techniques - I love scratching that itch and I'm never going to stop!


Emily Youngdell said...

Don't you just love doing creative things? I love when you feel like you have accomplished something that you can be proud of. I had no idea that you wanted to paint. I tell you blogging is awesome because you learn more about your friends everyday!

Emily Youngdell said...

Oh yes, and I love your pictures. I especially love the one with the flowers. Gorgeous colors!