Thursday, November 8, 2007

Baby Name

Some of our friends and relatives may be wondering what we named our newest addition. Why would they be wondering such a thing if our baby is already 2 months old? Because we weren't entirely decided on a name for her until 4 days ago. I never thought naming my own child would become such an ordeal. My mind was the consistency of mush during my pregnancy with her. So coming up with a name that I felt fit her perfectly never happened.

We had condensed the names we liked down to around eight names. Two days after she was born we decided on the name Katie. It was sweet and simple. Katie is a name that could fit most cute little girls right? Wrong! Every time I called her Katie it was as if I were lying to myself. It just never worked.

When she was 6 weeks old I finally admitted my feelings to John - he wasn't too thrilled about it but was willing to trust me anyway. I searched through a million names but couldn't find "the one". Finally, one night, John and I were listening to a church talk on his i-pod and the name Camilla came up. Angels sang from heaven and I felt a name finally found its right place. So after a few more struggles with whether we should really change her name or not we officially did so at her baby blessing this last Sunday.

Her photo says it all...Camilla.


joey said...


Love that you have a is such a great way to keep up. Your baby Camilla is so cute, love that name. I totally agree with you, being yourself and geniune is what it is all about. I admire you for that. Can't wait to see more about you are your cute family!

James said...

Hey Claudia cool blog

Heather said...

I'm so glad that you have a blog! You've done a really nice job. It's just your style. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you decided on a name. Camilla is a beautiful name. I can't wait to read more!