Friday, May 29, 2009

18 Steps to Vibrant Health

If there's on thing I love - it's learning how to improve ones overall health and sharing it with others...but first, here's what I've been dealing with which has led me to a deeper level of researching and understanding I never thought I'd tap into:
I've been taking some serious steps to improving my overall health. My energy levels, zest for life, and even my relationship with Heavenly Father have all been negatively affected by prolonged stress and physical suffering which have consumed my life, using up the energy only one body can posses, as it all went towards negative things, and came to a head about a month ago.

I've been merely waking up from another unrestful night's sleep knowing I was to face yet another day in which I had to do my best to survive.

Thriving not surviving is what I want in life and therefore have begun to make some changes to my life as I've realized what my full potential is...(who knew that I truly have the power to change my lifes circumstances which have caused me so much misery for far too long?)

I have begun seeing a TMJ Dentist and am now going through the treatment to fix my TMJ - and my sphenoid bone. Yup, not only have I been dealing with pinched nerves, tired jaws and muscles within my face due to my TMj I also have an important bone within my head misaligned which has subluxated most of the other bones within my head (which is what has been causing me my physical grief)...needless to say, there have been days where I felt the need to take a baseball bat to my head!

But, fortunately, a baseball bat won't be necessary, my Doctor will fix me in a more... gentle way. Many years of stress has had a debilitating affect on my Adrenal system which I'm attempting to restore with Dr. Christopher's Adrenal formula. Also, my hormones have been off my whole life (which, in fact, could be due to that misaligned sphenoid bone) but, just in case it isn't, I'm also taking Dr Christopher's Hormonal Changease to help fix that as well.

I've learned so much through all of my reading and researching. So now I give a bit of info to you:

18 Steps to Vibrant Health
1. Pure water - at least 8 glasses per day - keeps fluids flowing, flushing out the bad - 75% of our bodies are fluid! (distilled, with pinch of sea salt - has lots of minerals our bodies need)
2. Fresh Juice daily
3. Eat Whole foods - Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and meat every now and then (our bodies need some of the vitamins which come from meat but we only need to eat meat ONCE a month in order to obtain those vitamins) Eat a salad at every meal. Fruit salads, green salads, whatever it be but, green salads, especially are necessary for a healthy body.
4. Bowel Cleansing - A good bowel cleansing is so refreshing and energizing. (
5. Cleansing and Detoxification (
6. Breath Deeper - More oxygen means more life and energy.
7. Stretching, walking, moving
8. Water Therapy - Alternate hot and cold in shower 1 minute each 7 times - gets good things flowing and feels so good!
9. Laugh more
10. Natural cleaning - Clean with natural products. (Amway, Shaklee, Dr. bronner)
11. Stop Television - Talk, read, play games, go for walks instead.
12. Trashing - Dump old unused stuff and bad emotional memorabilia.
13. Love life!
14. Express yourself - Hold it in and rot!
15. Help Others
16. More physical intimacy - Yup, you heard it.
17. Listen to yourself - What is your self talk? Is it positive? What's your body telling you?
18. Love yourself

How to simplify your home, whole foods recipes, and more - coming soon!

I can't end this blog without giving a big thanks to my dad who has made it possible for me to see Dr. Wall.


Rochelle said...

Good Luck!!!
No one deserves to feel yucky all the time, it is for sure worth anything you can do to feel better. My cure should come in about 4.5 months:)

John said...

Step #19
CHILL and stop stressing out so much!

Mark and Sariah Thomas said...

Bowel cleansing, eh? Have you tried that one yet? :o) I sure hope that all this doctor stuff you're going through helps!

Emily said...

Wow Claud, sounds like you've been having fun... :( I hope you start feeling better soon. I love John's comment. That is something Jake would say.