Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dabbling away

As like most people, life has been busy.

Aside from living every day with the symptoms of TMJ I've been keeping my spare time busy with working on the illustrations for a language learning book set which I have been dabbling with for the last year and a half but have put more serious focus on in the last 6 months as I finish writing the stories, plugging away at illustrating for those stories, and work on the details which will help make the set a success.

But, concerning my TMJ - I found (more like was led to by a caring Father) to a "TMJ Dentist" who will, hopefully, rid me of something so....inconvenient and debilitating -once we're able to come up with the money neccessary to go through the whole treatment plan. But there's hope and I now realize that there is no other way - I have to face this head on and get rid of it once and for all.

But, as for some exciting news - Tyra was baptized and on her birthday of all things! It was a wonderful day. Most of our family was there to celebrate "Tyra's day." I love to see these little ones grow and progress. We set out a "Tyra table" with all of her favorite things sitting upon it for all to see.

This table included: a scarf she knitted, books such as Julie of the Wolves, a unicorn book set, Ida B., The Last of the Whangdoodles, a few things she embroidered, a photo of her favorite people (Jesus, Beethoven, Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Florence Nightingale), a photo of Katara "water bending", her oil painting, her piano music, horses, a large jewel and other things.

For those of you with kids, isn't it wonderful watching these little ones become who they are as they are drawn to things which naturally interest them and feel passionate about things which genuinely touch them? It's .... wondrous!

Homeschooling my children has definitely been trying (I'm not wanting pity - we chose this path, after all!) but, it's been trying in a good way. I am continually evaluating my strengths, my weaknesses, my selfishness, my pride, my ambitions, my controlling attitude, my desires etc. etc. and am always working towards creating a home that is a place my kids want to be - "...a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God."


dlkenney said...

Congratulations Tyra ... Good Luck with the TMJ ... I applaud you for sticking with the homeschooling, I know many that started and now have chose to try different schooling.

Blake's said...

Congratulations Tyra! You look so pretty in your picture!

Mark and Sariah Thomas said...

Wow, Tyra's already 8! That's crazy! And how exciting she got to be baptized right on her birthday. I also wish you good luck with the TMJ stuff.

Shian said...

What a beautiful girl!