Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you kidding me?!?!

So, earlier today we, meaning John, myself and the kids, went grocery shopping together. It was a very large shopping trip to say the least and after an hour, when only two items remained to be found and flopped on top of our heap of groceries which spewed out of our cart, I hear a child go bolting across the polished cement floor and suddenly hear a horrible double thud, which could only be made from something such as one's head, accompanied by a terrible vibration through the ground under my feet, followed by a terrible shrieking, which I then knew involved Ethan.

He grasped both sides of his head with both hands and wailed in horror of the pain which came from the terrible bash. His face lacked all normal color. Knowing it would be a while for Ethan to calm down I knelt down letting him wail in my lap, shouting to John what the last two items on our list were. After about 5 or 10 minutes, lots of stares from people and children- but no offer of help, Ethan calmed and we were able to find John.

Due to Ethan's unusually quiet behavior and pale face I feared the worst. After we got home and unloaded our groceries, which then, didn't seem so important anymore. I had him in the car to take him to the ER so we could make sure no internal damage was never know right? But, after deciding to wait it out, the normal Ethan returned.

SO...he decides to play outside and is pushing Millie on one of those handle bar trikes. Suddenly I hear Ethan calling me so I go to him and am confused by his worried expression on his face. I have a wild imagination and tend to fear the worst so I thought maybe he had lost his vision (from his fall) and was worried. But after hearing Millie screaming I instantly realized Ethan hadn't obeyed me when I told him, "be careful as you push her."

Millie is obviously hurting. I can see black road scuff marks on the sides of her clothing and new she had hit, head first, (on the same side as Ethan's interestingly enough) as well. Her face is pale her wailings would be heart breaking to someone whose heart hadn't gone numb yet...but unfortunately the incident at the store as well as the shopping trip in itself, the much whining and crying and chaos that seemed to follow me everywhere I went ever since I got home, and the stress of wondering if Ethan's skull and brain was damaged left me feeling very little.

I held her until she stopped crying. Fortunately her love for food helped calm her down. And she began to fall asleep in my lap. But, then I worried if she was falling asleep because of brain injuries as well (I know, there I go again) so I kept her awake by giving her a bath. I noticed a big goose egg on her head as I dried her hair. But, she's fine so far. I'm sure that throughout the night I'll be checking her to make sure she responds to my poking her and isn't twitching from having seizures.

SO...Tyra took her first shower today. It felt like she was suddenly all grown up and it's funny how clueless one can be when one has never taken a shower before. Well she was kind of excited and I left her and let her have her privacy (of course!) In the meantime I had Ethan and Cedric take a bath in the other bathroom. After they had gotten settled I went to check on Tyra. Who, when I got to her, had shampoo in her eye, and must of had some sort of wrestling match with the adjustable shower head due to the water sprayed up to the tops of the vaulted ceiling and the puddle of water next to the rug upon the bathroom floor. "What on earth?" Is all I could say. But left it at that.

I return to the boys' bath. For some reason they're both out of the bath tub Cedric is bent over waiting for me to wipe his bum...that's always a wonderful sight isn't it? And Ethan is in the process of finishing up wiping his bum and has succeeded in, once again, using half of the toilet paper roll for one bowel movement. I wipe Cedric's bum..."When did he poop? Did they have a pooping party?" I wonder. Ethan gets back into the tub. I try flushing the toilet. No luck, it's clogged. Ethan Mr. Solver points blatanlty to the plunger....but he forgets that the toilet is filled with poop. I'd rather try my luck with flushing it over and over again.

I suddenly notice little brown peices floating in the tub. Cedric must've squirt some inners from his bowels into the tub which Ethan was now bathing in....

This is where I think, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!"

It's only 8pm and they are going to bed!



Heather said...

That was a great read Claudia. What a day! I think everyone has those days every once in a while. I tend to think the worst in those moments too. I'm glad Ethan and Millie are ok and I hope you get to do something relaxing tonight.

Chris and Tara said...

Well, you've scared me away from ever having kids. Ü I hope they're all doing better now.

Rochelle said...

So when is it time for #5??? :)

I'm glad I am not the only one with days like that:)

dlkenney said...

Sorry but I had to laugh at that one....Don't you just love those days. Luckily every day isn't like that. Good Luck and I hope you were able to get some rest.

Tif said...

What a day! i hope you went to bed at 8:00 too. You need the rest after all that stress and craziness. I hope tomorrow is better.

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