Saturday, April 19, 2008



What kind of a mother would dare damage her sons eye?
One who is willing to playfully throw a large woodchip at her child's head.

Eth and I were playing together chucking woodchips from the front yards' landscaping when I tossed the largest wood chip that had yet be thrown and watched the whole process of it as it went elegantly gliding through the air, jutting squarley into Ethan's eye.

It cut the skin a bit on the eyelid and on his eyeball. The scarey part was when his pupil wasn't dilating. It must have been from the shock of the hit because eventually it began to work again.

Poor fellow.

That same day he fell down onto the rocky dirt in our backyard
as he chased a dog. He had a hard day. But we were able to cheer him up with some home made cookie dough.

Taking it easy....that's what Cedric and Millie were doing in the wagon together.

Warm days are SO wonderful!


Chris and Tara said...

Poor Ethan :( I hope it's getting better. If it makes you feel any better I'm sure that I would toss wood chips about without thinking it could hurt anything. Oh, the things I have yet to learn...
Sorry again about canceling the party. Although, once I got home I got your e-mail that you couldn't come so I suppose it was okay that everything was canceled. Darn wedding :) We'll reschedule it when I can get some time. It might be a while...

Emily said...

That's it Claud, I'm reporting you to child services...

Rochelle said...

It's amazing any of our kids survive childhood:). Hopefully he'll remember the fun times with mom more than the hurt eye:)