Saturday, December 15, 2007


Oh the never ending changes that are such a big part of living! I often wish things would stay put and be comfortable but improvements always need to be made which require us to take step after step out of our comfort zone. Besides, life is un-stoppable and always changing which requires us to change with it.

For over a year now John has been burnt out doing wedding videos. He is wonderful at putting together wedding videos that are great in quality and emotion. But, sitting in front of a computer and editing for hours and hours every day is NOT John's thing. I've known this for atleast a couple years but it took little longer for John to realize this as well.

The last 8 months have been a huge struggle for us. John and I have been working hard at trying to figure out what John's next step in life should be. Not only did we want something that he'd enjoy but that would provide for this family as well. We considered many things but nothing seemed to settle. It became very frustrating and tested us beyond what we felt we could handle.

Four sundays ago I was having a particularly hard day. I came home from church to look for a binkey (can't survive church without one of those) and knelt down by the couch in my room and prayed and cried to the Lord in a way that I hadn't done for a while. While praying, and after reading John's patriarchal blessing, I felt strongly about some thoughts I had in the past concerning the direction John should take. I felt I should share these thoughts with him.

We found some quiet time later in the day and I told John what I felt...that he was a teacher! Being a seminary teacher was part of his purpose the Lord wants him to fulfill in this life. The spirit confirmed our thoughts and feelings on this matter to be true. And thanks to the spirit we were able to share some tender moments together as tears were shed and truths were revealed.

We have a long road ahead of us now. In order to be a seminary teacher John needs to have his bachelors degree. He'll start going to school in the Spring. We don't feel that these years of self-employment have been a waste. Being self employed will allow him to work around his school schedule and even after he becomes a seminary teacher it will allow him to pull in extra income.

I feel so grateful for the spirit and its promptings. And to the Lord for being patient with us as we took a long road to this discovery.

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Emily said...

That's great Claud!! I really hope that this works out for you guys. I think that John would be an excellent teacher. Best of luck to you guys.
Now change of subject... can you get together Friday morning for breakfast? I can't remember who can or what time, etc. Feel free to write me back on my blog or call. Toodles!